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Quick Legal Notice.. I'd read this if I were you.
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Items martked as FanFiction are stories in which characters and/or locations do NOT belong to me and I claim no rights to them.  Please enjoy them.

Lastly, you will  never see me post a full story to this site.. just in case someone doesn't read the above warning.  Some of these stories I will continue to add onto, and when that happens a notice will be tagged to the story mentioning new materials added!

When a story is ready to be bought I will post a purchase link next to the story.  I do mostly eBooks, so prices will never be that high.

Epic Fantasy

This is the first book of a series that was once a super long story I had when I was in high school.  There will be at least three books to the series, though there could be more.  It will all depend on how the story finally plays out.

As always, this is in the works and a ton of details/chapters are not flushed out yet.  


The Tower of Discord
This story, while in the works, is actually put together from a roleplaying game my husband ran for me and a bunch of friends.  I got permission from my gaming group to gather everyone's experience sheets (cause yes my husband makes us write them like journal entries to help keep us in character and flush out personalities) and create the story.

I am writing it mainly from my character's point of view with splashes of her brother's in there.  Kismet, who played my brother, is the co-author and editor.  Without  him this wouldn't be so much fun!

THIS IS NOT COMPLETE!! It is only in the Draft Phase 1 stage, so it will change a ton before it's ready to be published.

There will be AT LEAST one more book to this series told from the point of view of one of the other characters (you will have to wait and see who!) as the campaign progresses.

Science Fiction

One of my first Sci-fi stories.  There is really only one before this one that I've written, and it's called Crimzon Ice.  I'd post it here, but it's so far from ready to post up.  I've written and re-written it so many times to try and make it work.  Makes me cry a bit.

Anyway, this one is a ton of fun with gun-fire, space ghosts and lost civilizations!  Not to mention awesome space ships and corporate intrigue.

I haven't yet converted this one to eBook format, so the link will work as soon as I can get it done.  I will post a notice, so keep an eye out!