Shadowed Legacies


My Website Design Work
I love building websites.  Most of what I do is donated work for guilds that I run with in various games.  The main one being Rage of Dragons.  

I have done commission work for eCommerce sites, Legal Offices, and even Healthcare.  For this my prices are fair, and completely dependant on what the client wants.  The more detailed and complicated, obviously the more it will cost.  

No quotes will ever be posted because, as I said, prices will vary based on clients' needs.
I use everything from Joomla, WordPress to hand coding HTML in my design process.  It all really depends on what the client wants their site to be and do.  
  1. B.A.G. Studios
    B.A.G. Studios
    A Game Design company. All rights reserved. I'm probably not sticking with Wordpress for this site, so expect it to look different when it's 100% done.
  2. Rage Gaming
    Rage Gaming
    A guild website.
  3. Rage Gaming World
    Rage Gaming World
    The guild's expansion site