Shadowed Legacies

In the shadows
is where we find our dreams waiting to be brought to the light.
About Me

I am a crazy kind of person.  I do original artwork, GFX (to which I do not claim ownership), stories and website design.  Everything I do is self-taught, so try not to judge me too harshly, hahah!

Let's see, OH!  I am an avid gamer.  Less of a FPS, more of an MMO gamer.  Give me raids and super-large scale guild on guild, or open world, pvp!

Yep, I'm married!  I have three amazing children.  <3 my boys!

I kinda hate most social media, too many trolls and misinformed people for my liking.  Inspiration, however, appears in the strangest places!  Even social media.  Also, anyone creating anything these days has to have some form of social media.. so mine's at the bottom.

Remeber folks, do your own research!  Just because it's on the internet does not make it fact!




I build websites for a variety of purposes.  I've done eCommerce, Guild, Blogs, even Legal!  I have to say Gaming Guild sites are my favorite as I get to be super creative!
I write sooo many stories.  Mostly fiction.  I do both sci-fi and fantasy.  Mostly it's my own work, though I do have like 2 pieces of fanfiction.
Like I said before, everything from fanart and GFX to original works.
Above is GFX for one of "mah sista's" who shall have the phrase "ZIP!" shouted at her.

Don't worry, she gets it.